Courses, Groups and Workshops

Here at Havering Talking Therapies we have a number of different courses and groups to suit your needs. They are delivered by our Qualified Therapists and provide you with the tools and techniques to help you to manage your difficulties. 

Currently most of our sessions are online via Microsoft Teams.

Groups and courses are rolling so you will be added to the next available one. They can run between 4-12 sessions depending on the type.

Contact us to find out more or share your interest below! 

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Barking & Dagenham

0300 300 1554—option 3

9am–5pm, Monday–Friday


0300 300 1554—option 2

9am–5pm, Monday–Friday


0300 300 1554—option 1

9am–5pm, Monday–Friday

Waltham Forest

0300 300 1554—option 4

9am–5pm, Monday–Friday