Join a Group Talking Therapy session at Havering

Our service provides low and high intensity talking therapy to everyone registered with a Havering borough GP surgery. A group is a great way to ease yourself into therapy, our groups focuses on depression and anxiety across 6 sessions each session lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

You can join a group today, take a look at the talking therapy groups we offer below and find at least one that you'd like to join.

Worry Management Group

If you find that you are constantly worrying about all sorts of things, regularly worrying about the worst case scenarios, or over-thinking things a lot, and may result in avoiding things that might make you feel anxious, or affecting your concentration, energy, or sleep, this group is for you. The group is set up to teach tools and techniques to reduce the impact of worry on the mind and body, and to also find ways to cope with uncertainty. 

PTSD Group

An introduction to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It aims to help you understand what PTSD is and how it can be overcome with CBT. We explain common symptoms and help you to begin to understand common reactions to a traumatic experience. It will also provide some basic coping strategies for use whilst awaiting individual therapy. 

Bereavement Group

Conventionally focused on the emotional response to loss, grief also has physical, cognitive, behavioural, social, cultural, spiritual and philosophical dimensions. Bereavement Group will be a mix of psychoeducation and therapy to offer processing of grief which is sometimes a strong and overwhelming emotion for people.

Building Resilience Group

Manage your anxiety, stress, how to manage worry, problem solve and also relaxation techniques. We also cover sleep hygiene and tips on managing low mood and self-compassion. 

Long Term Conditions Group

The Long Term Conditions Group aims to provide you with a toolbox of skills to help people cope better with a broad range of physical and psychological distress. The group empower clients to pursue positive goals, develop greater acceptance of unchangeable aspects of health, and improve quality of life.


Perinatal Group

Perinatal mental illness affects up to 27% of new and expectant mums and covers a wide range of conditions. At Havering Talking Therapies we have developed a group that focuses on depression and anxiety that women might experience during their pregnancy.

Carers Group

The role of a carer is rewarding however the stress and pressures that come with the role can lead us to experiencing different forms of mental health issues, if you are a carer and you are beginning to feel low mood and anxious this could be the best group for you.

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