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Talking Therapies - Christine’s story

Talking Therapies helps you separate your issues out, understand how to manage them and see a way through. It shows you how to sort out the muddle of your thoughts to help you feel better. My specialist was excellent. They helped me talk about my life, feelings, and thoughts and brought my thought process to a new way of thinking. They help you see things from a new angle and to move forward with your situation.

It’s quite a natural process and it flows from a conversation, taking you through your thoughts and feelings to make them clearer. I’d definitely recommend Talking Therapies. “You learn how to manage your feelings and how to improve yourself and your health. When I met my specialist she immediately understood me and how I was feeling.”

“It shows you how to sort out the muddle of your thoughts to help you feel better.”

Patient testimonials

How did you find out about our service?

"Self-referred to Redbridge talking services via internet, my partner had been advised about it from their doctor"

Are there places we could advertise that would make our service more accessible?

"On the Doctor’s website. I think it would also be beneficial to have leaflets/ posters in staffrooms of local schools and businesses."

How satisfied are you with the amount of time you had to wait for your first appointment?

"I was able to wait (it was about 12 weeks) however I would have preferred to be seen sooner as I had to self-treat myself with self-help websites."

Were you given the option of more than one form of therapy / treatment from which to choose?              

I initially had one to one counselling however I was referred by the counsellor to attend the social anxiety group sessions. This was a better choice for me.

How satisfied are you with the type of treatment that you have received?

"Very satisfied"

How did it help?

"By being exposed to situations that I found anxiety provoking, but knowing that it was a safe environment I have been able to reduce my levels of Anxiety."

"The group helped me as I didn’t feel afraid or alone with my suffering and we could discuss issues together"

"I have been able to become my own CBT therapist (within reason)"

How satisfied are you with the therapist that treated you?         

"There were three therapists involved in the group Rosie, Mimi and Nicola. I thought they were brilliant. I felt comfortable in their presence and trusted that they had my best interests at heart, even when the sessions were sometimes difficult."

Did you receive information from us re other forms of help that may have been available to you?

"Only online services"                                                                                                         

How involved were you with important decisions about your care / treatment?

"Once I had joined the group I felt very involved. Before this I felt a little out of control."

How satisfied are you with the overall experience of using this service?

"The services was excellent once I had become involved in the group"

"My one to one counsellor was honest and made the referral quickly."

"I have recommended this service to my colleagues in work."

I feel that if I was in crisis the wait for initial referral was too long

Barking & Dagenham

0300 300 1554—option 3

9am–5pm, Monday–Friday


0300 300 1554—option 2

9am–5pm, Monday–Friday


0300 300 1554—option 1

9am–5pm, Monday–Friday

Waltham Forest

0300 300 1554—option 4

9am–5pm, Monday–Friday

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