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Nusound Radio debut

Dr Gurmit Dhillion, Dr Ranjot Bhogal and Miss Simran Singh from 

Redbridge Talking Therapies, made an apperance on Nusound Radio,

 last Easter weekend, in support of the Black and Ethnic Minority community

#BAMER. They discussed  the impact of  COVID-19 and being

in lockdown on the public's mental wellbeing listen here.

Kiah's Story

How did you find out about our service?                                  
Going to my GP who referred me.

Are there places we could advertise that would make our service more accessible?
Social networks and in schools and universities.

How satisfied are you with the amount of time you had to wait for your first appointment?
I was pretty satisfied, I expected it to take longer and I only had to wait two months and I was supported by my educational establishment during that time.

Were you given the option of more than one form of therapy / treatment from which to choose?
I was offered counselling and CBT.

How satisfied are you with the type of treatment that you have received?
I am really satisfied, it has been a very good experience, it’s very different to counselling and other talking therapies I have had in the past.

How did it help?
From week to week, we weren’t just talking about my issues we focused on how improve my behaviour in life. I would try different experiments e.g. handling my mood.

Were you able to maintain the benefits?
I have been able to maintain a lot of the techniques. I have continued to apply them to my life and they have been very, very helpful.  The process of working with Mary was really helpful with the real life application which a lot of counselling has not done before.

Were you offered a choice of worker / therapist?                                     

How satisfied are you with the therapist that treated you?
Very, I feel she was very understanding of my situation and took time to help me with my issues rather than basing it round abstract concepts.

Did you receive information from us re other forms of help that may have been available to you?
No, purely focused on CBT.

How involved were you with important decisions about your care / treatment?
I was heavily involved; decisions were only made when I had Ok’d it.

How satisfied are you with the overall experience of using this service?  
I am very satisfied, it has been a really good service to use, it’s been convenient and I have been able to work it around my personal life very easily.

Anything else you would like to say?
The service is great, but it takes your own personal work to bring about the changes.  I have definitely changed as a person and I have changed for the better, so it was worth putting in the work.

Barking & Dagenham

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9am–5pm, Monday–Friday


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9am–5pm, Monday–Friday

Waltham Forest

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