NELFT Talking Therapies - COVID-19:Emotional Support Resources

 How to respond to Coronavirus - Tips to maintain your Emotional Wellbeing 

Not today COVID


Its natural to have questions when you are faced with a crisis, you might be thinking

What does this mean for my life now? Is it normal to feel the way i am feeling? How will i cope?

Dr Russ Harris developed a strategy called  FACE COVID  to help manage these difficult thoughts and

feelings as a result of self-isolation, lockdown and uncertainty in a crisis. Click above.


We are providing additional support to our local community, during the outbreak of COVID-19

with our emotional programme to help you to develop your coping skills in these unprecedented times

See below for details and dates of our upcoming live Webinars, recorded webinars,

videos talks in Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu as well as our official Redbridge Talking Therapies Podcast series.

Which is  available on Apple podcasts,  Spotify, Google podcasts, Deezer.

These resources are available to all, 24/7,if you need further support please self refer to your local service.




Live Webinars (locality specific)


Barking and Dagenham:

Coping with Uncertainty, Building Resilience and Staying Well -  Every Tuesday and Thursday. Click here to self-refer and book your place.


We are running webinars regularly;

1st Tuesday of the month is "Understanding Low mood". 

2nd Thursday of the month is "Overcoming Unhelpful Thinking".

2nd Tuesday of the month is "How to Control Your Anxious Brain".

4th Tuesday of the month will be "Managing Sleep". 

 Book here to secure your place for the following webinars;

  • Understanding Low mood - 3rd August at 3pm-4pm  
  • Overcoming Unhelpful Thinking - 12th August at 4pm-5pm  
  • How to control your anxious brain - 10th August at 3pm-4pm 
  • Managing Sleep - 24th August at 1:30pm-2:30pm 

Did you miss the live talk? View our Recorded Webinars